blockquote-iconI’m illiterate. I’m broken. I’m diseased. I’m only good for one thing. I earn two pennies in the street and feed my children. What will I get if I come with you? Go away. We’re better off here,” she said in a manner that was surprisingly matter-of-fact.


Most women we rescue have little or no employable skills.

This poses a great problem which we are trying to solve with our vocational training programs.

With these programs, we train our women to make handcrafted goods. These goods include leather products, accessories and apparel which are merchandized in local and international markets. Apart from being a stable source of income, this program helps them find purpose and passion in life.

Over the years we have developed partnerships with key companies and organizations to help sell and distribute the quality work of our women.

of those trafficked reported a family income of less than INR 66 (about USD 1) per day

earned on an average per sex act

women employed in our micro enterprise facilities

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