blockquote-icon“As Maya* walks down the 14th lane on one of Mumbai’s scorching summer days and takes a sip of her ice cold Bisleri, her hands automatically clench at the sight of the men in front of her. She will always remember what it was like all those years ago, caged up for God knows how long, with no ventilation or fresh air and yearning for something to quench her thirst. She knew once she gave up, she would be ‘freed’ from the cages. But it was much later before she really understood the meaning of freedom.

The Outreach Team

Maya was a victim to the horrors of India’s trafficking ring. At 29, she was rescued by our staff and today, she is a hero to many other victims like herself.

“I still despise going back to that area but I go every day. I was given the gift of freedom and I want others to be able to experience that. I understand them and they understand me.”

The outreach staff comprises many such brave souls and they are our soldiers on the front line. Through weekly counseling sessions and an honest, love-filled friendship, they reach out those still trapped in the red light districts.

of the cases of missing children and women remain untraced (the highest percentage in India) and are suspected of being trafficked to other parts of the country

approximately 845 meals a week by our feeding van- mainly to children of sex workers

approximately 40% of those we rescue have been rescued through outreach programs like our feeding van or walks of freedom

Feeding Programs

20% of those living in the city of Mumbai exist under the poverty line and of this population, the worst affected are women and children. Our feeding van is set up at two of the busiest train stations of Mumbai (CST and Byculla) providing approximately 845 meals a week to those who would otherwise go hungry.

This daily interaction with those suffering in the streets helps us develop a bond with them.

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