blockquote-iconShe still had trouble sleeping. It had been a few months since she was taken home. But the nightmares still haunted her sometimes.

She felt anger. She felt pain. She wanted to scream but found herself singing. And then, there was hope.


We believe that music has the power to heal. It is an emotional outlet that helps our children find peace and hope.

We have a fully equipped music room where students are taught how to develop their musical talents to best express their individuality.

We are also working towards starting a school of music that will provide professional training in this field to those who wish to pursue it.

The program also trains a talented team of musicians that travels around India and the world to tell stories of their transformational journeys through music.

studies show that music reduced symptoms of depression resulting from trauma

35+ students enrolled in our music programs at BTC

students currently studying in Trinity School of Music programs

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