blockquote-icon“Her hands were trembling. Her body was ablaze. The withdrawal symptoms were even worse today. Najma* needed her daily peg. A smoke wouldn’t hurt either. Just about anything to take the pain away. The doctors said she needed to hold on. She never understood why they cared for her life when she didn’t. Wasn’t she just another body?”


The unhygienic and substandard living conditions of the women, men and children in the red light districts make them victims of life threatening diseases. Addiction to drugs and alcohol adds to the medical complications.

Statistics indicate that about 65% of the sex workers in these districts are infected with HIV.

more than 90% in our red light districts have a sexually transmitted disease

treating 18 young children for HIV in our Home for the Little ones

more than 8000 patients seen annually through our clinics and campss

BTC Health Clinics

The BTC clinic, established in 2000, is located in the red light district of Kamathipura in Mumbai.
It provides daily medical check-ups and specialised healthcare to those living in these areas. A 24-hour ambulance service is available for emergencies.

With the recent displacement of the sex trade to the Turbhe district, we set up another clinic in this area in 2013.

BTC is one of the only non-profit organizations in India that provides free HIV treatment to these marginalized sections of society. Our doctors also realized that administering Anti Retro Viral treatment to those living with HIV is not enough as they have no nutrition to fight the virus. Against all odds, the BTC health clinics now provide one nutritious home cooked meal to all women being treated for HIV.

Dealing with health issues on a daily basis serves as an effective point of entry for us to build relationships at different levels in the hierarchy, including sex workers and brothel owners. Our consistent efforts to care for them help us win their trust and respect.

Najma* has been clean for over five years now. She still comes to the BTC clinic in Kamathipura for her daily check-up. Hopefully, she’ll come home with us one day.

Medical Camps

Our associations with medical practitioners and personnel in the US and UK help us conduct bi-annual camps that serve thousands at a time. Through these selfless individuals, we are able to provide specialized care to segments of society that would otherwise have no access to these facilities.

In the last camp conducted by BTC, we had pediatric specialists, mental health practitioners and orthopedic surgeons from some of the most reputed hospitals in the US. We also managed to set up a pharmacy that provided vital medication to our patients. We hope to further develop means to deliver superior healthcare at these medical camps and raise awareness about prevention and cure.

Care for the Rescued

Our chief BTC resident doctor has dedicated years of invaluable service to our cause. He not only serves those in need at the BTC clinic, but also makes regular visits to all the BTC homes to ensure the recovery and recuperation of all our residents.

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