blockquote-iconKavita* loves going to school and she is determined to submit a book review on “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein for her assignment tomorrow. She is the oldest in the room by more than 4 years but that doesn’t deter her. After all, it’s her first time in a classroom. The first 11 years of her life were all spent playing underneath cars, on rooftops and in the streets. No one told her not to pick up that used needle on the road and use it as a pin for her torn dress. No one cared before this.
Kavita is almost ready to graduate the rainbow class and start formal schooling next year.”


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela. “

Vivek* wants to be a world renowned chef. Rachana* sees herself as a future superstar. Muskaan* is studying to be a microbiologist.

Our children have their own aspirations and we believe in going the extra mile to realize their dreams.

A basic or elementary education offers opportunities that are fairly limited. We are determined to provide educational facilities that truly add value to our children’s lives.

of all trafficked victims surveyed were illiterate, according to a National Human Rights Commission study

had received primary education as compared to a national average of 80%

children enrolled in a school program as of today

The Rainbow Class

The first day of school can be extremely daunting, especially for a child who has never had this privilege before. Rainbow Class is a foundation program that lays the groundwork for formal schooling for children like Kavita*. We understand that every child has their own special needs and learning abilities. At the Rainbow Class, our staff caters to children of different ages and pays individual attention to every child’s growth.

The BTC Academy

The dream of having our very own educational facility came true in January 2014. In collaboration with the American School of Bombay, we built the BTC Academy.
The school is affiliated with the national CBSE board and is committed to offer a nurturing environment for learning.

It houses spacious classrooms, a community lunch hall, music room, library (with over 4000 books) and a playground. Equipped with the latest computers and tablets, our children avail of the best facilities at par with global standards of education.


When it came to the motto of our school, we don’t think any other phrase could have done justice to our story. We chose to go with ‘Per ardua ad astra’ which literally translates to ‘through struggle to the stars’.

Adult Education

She liked the sound the lead pencil made on her red and blue lined cursive writing book. At 32, Maya* had just learnt the alphabet. She was writing her name. The name she had heard so many times before but never knew how to spell. Today, it meant something more. With every stroke of the pencil, she was rediscovering herself.

The majority of women and men we rescue from the streets have been denied even the most basic education. With adult literacy programs, they learn to read and write for the very first time in their lives.

With the ability to read and write independently, they feel less isolated and more confident with every passing day.

Visual Stories