Bombay Teen Challenge (BTC) was established in 1990 in Mumbai, (Bombay) India by K.K. Devaraj to reach the poorest of the poor that roamed the streets of Bombay. It has evolved into an organization that: rescues and cares for sex slaves in the brothels of Mumbai, cares for the children of sex slaves, juveniles roaming the streets, addicts and runaways.

We are committed to meeting not only the physical needs, but the mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well. BTC accomplishes this by providing medical clinics within the red light district, providing food to the hungry on the streets, day schools to the street children, homes outside of Mumbai for those rescued which include women, children, boys and men.

We provide education to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Training is provided in the homes outside of Mumbai where those rescued live, so that they can begin to have hope for a future and escape their life of bondage. Re-integration into society is a high priority and a goal of all the treatment and services provided.

We provide treatment for those with HIV to assure healthy lives in a safe and secure environment.

Our goal of complete healing in all areas (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) has been successful in enabling smooth transitions of those being treated back into society as productive individuals.

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